How Do I Tell If My Introvert Girlfriend Really Loves Me?


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Pippa Corbett answered
If your girlfriend is very introverted, then finding out what she's really feeling and thinking can be difficult.

My advice would be to simply ask her - but try doing so in an environment in which she feels 100% percent comfortable.

How to tell if your shy girlfriend really loves you
The trick to communication in a relationship is simply to make things as pressure-free as possible.

If you make your girlfriend feel as if she's under scrutiny, then she's likely to shrink away into her shell and hide what she's actually thinking.

To coax her into being more talkative and open, you can try some of the following things:

  • Share your own feelings. Disclosing some personal information of your own will give her the courage and confidence to talk freely.
  • Have a drink. Alcohol is well-known to lower inhibitions. Maybe a glass of wine is exactly what she needs to feel comfortable.
  • Make her feel special. Treating her to a romantic meal will set the scene, but make sure to keep things casual. If you make the meal too elaborate, she may think you're about to propose to her!

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