A Girl Asked Me To Hug Her. What Does That Mean?


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There are lots of reasons why a girl might ask you to hug her, so don’t jump to any conclusions just yet!

She Has A Crush On You
Now, this is the most popular explanation for why a girl might ask you for a hug. It’s possible, but not always the case – if she really squeezes you tight when she hugs you, and doesn’t seem to want to let go, then maybe she does have a crush on you. This is more likely to be true if she asks for a hug out of nowhere.

You’re Close Friends
Maybe she just wants a hug because she’s feeling affectionate, and wants to show you that you mean a lot to her. Girls tend to give out hugs more often than guys, so just because you wouldn’t hug your friends goodbye, it doesn’t mean that she won’t!

She’s Saying Goodbye To You
If she asks for a hug when you’re about to part, maybe she’s just saying goodbye. Some girls are a lot less particular about who they hug than others – hugs are great, so there’s nothing wrong with that! Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she has a crush on you.

She’s Upset
Maybe she just really needs comforting. She might not want to talk about what’s wrong, and that’s what hugs are great for – you can make her feel better, and she doesn’t have to say anything. Sometimes it’s just nice to feel close to another person.
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If a girl asked you to hug her it might just be because she is glad to see you, or she might have a crush on you.

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