What Is Does It Mean If A Girl Hugs You For No Reason?


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G'day Artsiders,

Thank you for your question.

It is a good sign unless you don't like her.


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Well, she likes you.
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She  Finds You Safe And Nonthreatening... She's  Saying "You're For Me".. Silently.... She Loves Your Aftershave... She's Sad... Or Worried And Needs Your Reassurance. Check The Look On Her Face.... It Speaks Volumes..  And Her Eyes When She Does It..  All These Could Be Possible
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Thanks mom
Annie Devore
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Artsiders.. You Call Me Mom?? I Am The Mom Of 3 Boys Ages12 ..20.. And22.. Is It Because Of What I Wrote? I Tend To Look For The Positive .. In Just About Everything.
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Thanks again mom .., my name surendar
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Just because you see no reason
that she hasn't got one.  Do keep one
thing in mind, though; if she's hugging
you, it's a pretty safe bet that she likes
you enough to be comfortable. Do not
immediately take this a sign that it's anything
more than that.  Girls can hug someone for a
number of reasons:  She's glad to see you.
She's just had something nice happen to her
and is in a happy mood.  You seem a little down
to her and she gives you a hug to let you know
she's there.  Any or all or none of the ones above
may be her reason.  You might tell her that she
looks very happy today and she might just tell
you the reason she has.
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Its a way to say I LIKE you, not I love you or I want you, just I feel that you are a friend.  I'm very affectionate and hug my male and female friends, and they know it's platonic.  It's a sign of trust and often of thanks for lending an ear.
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She may like you maybe it was a dare
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Two things: She has a crush on you or she wants to be your best friend. It is possible that she does this for both reasons. [ I would hug you if we ever met in person.you a really kewl friend.]
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Well like your mom look at her exprestion I am a girl 4 1 thing and if I hugged a boy then eighter I ran into him or I like him.

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