If a girl hugs you tight for 30 seconds to a minute does it mean she likes you?


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More than likely, I'd say yes. I know if I hug someone like that, I mean it with sincerity, and I'm trying to express how much I care for them and trying to give them the message also.
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Jason Hann
Jason Hann commented
Yea but if she doesn't then i don't want to ruin the friendship we have, we are really close and I don't want to lose her just because of that
Brittany Schlatt
Brittany Schlatt commented
Ok, well, I'm leaving the site in a few days, take care, and friendship is always goo,d too. :)
Jason Hann
Jason Hann commented
Also she is like a sister to me, but since we aren;t blood then i guess its ok then right?
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Mesmerizing fragrance of AXE ?
MISS EPIC answered
Yuuuuuup :)
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Arthur Wright answered
It could if thats what you want it to mean here but be careful about reading too much into things as you could get burned
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Jason Hann
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Yea i know i don't want to lose the friendship we have if she doesn't like me, we are very close to and we are like brother and sister but we aren't blood so its ok right?
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Perhaps her duties where to distract you for long enough while the rest of the band raided your house and looted the lot,, on the flipside maybe she does genuinly like you, all will become clear after you go back inside the house

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