Guys: What do you think of girls who giggle a lot for no reason?


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Addilynn Addilynn Profile
Don't ask this questionn! I'm one of themm!
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Shanon Collins answered
Well I don't mind it. I kind of like it whenever girls giggle/laugh. It shows me that they are happy. I'm the type of guy who hates seeing any girl sad.
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Its ok if they're still young..Any older than 20 and still giggling for no apparent reason...Your going to be labeled as a Ditz!  OR CRAZY!   I think your question should have been do you like girls that laugh a lot?  My answer to that would be different..  I love a girl that laughs and can be silly...But to giggle for No Reason...Too immature for me and borderline Crazy!
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Maxine Chan
Maxine Chan commented
Yeah I giggle at guys who I like and are cute.
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Heres an example..You walk into a restaurant and see someone sitting alone giggling....what would you think?? I would say that persons on drugs or crazyy..but thats just me
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I don't really mind unless the laugh/ giggle is really annoying :D
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alec jordan answered
I think its cute
Brittany Schlatt Profile
I'm one of them, too. And I only do it when I'm really happy(rare), around a guy that I like, or when I'm having one of my episodes.
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Ray Ottewell answered
Thats cool it meens they are happy and we are always happy if they are happy sorry about all the happies but I like the word happy so I hope you are all happy about that.

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