Why Is Honesty Important In A Friendship?


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Honesty is not just important to a friendship, it's an integral part of it. For any relationship to work, it's crucial that you can trust one another.

How do you know that the relationship is genuine, if the other person isn't being honest? They could be lying about being your friend, and if they don't tell the truth, you can't even be sure that you know them.

For a friendship to work, you need to be able to trust what your friend says, and trust that they won't betray your confidence or tell other people lies about you. It's human nature to keep somebody at a distance if you know that you can't trust them. For any pack animal - and that's essentially what humans are - survival depends on being able to trust other pack members.

Why Is It Important To Be Honest?

  • It saves you having to remember your lies.
  • People will like, respect and trust you a lot more.
  • If you get a reputation for being dishonest, nobody will want anything to do with you.
  • People who don't tell the truth often start to believe their own lies.
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Without honesty no relationship can survive due to the lack of trust which is inherent when there is dishonesty present.
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Without honesty in a friendship, you can't trust your friend/s, their opinion on you and who you are as a person, with honesty you can basically say anything (not everything, you know what I mean), and you can trust one another.


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Important .. Yes, it is "important' in any interaction as 'honesty' is a possitive attribute to a person's convictions.

A friendship that you want to endure some level of longevity .. YES it is not only important, but imparative. Honesty is as important as integrity .. Without either their IS no 'friendship'.

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