What Is More Important Love Or Friendship?


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Both equally important.  You should have friendship in any relationship before you go looking for love. Friendship can solve more relationship problems than love can.  It creates a mutual understanding in people.  Love can keep the passion in the relationship, when you're fighting through tough times.
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They are both important to me too but I can't live without my boyfriend. So I'm going to have to say love because friends are always going to be there for you
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They are both highly important, normally I think of friendship as more important, you can get over love and relationships, but your friends are always there with you. When a man/woman breaks your heart, I personally, would want my friends there for me through the heartbreak. So I'd say friendship is more important. But with friendship comes love. So me being specific would say, there the same. Me being technical would say friendship. It's thicker unless you have your TRUE soul mate. It's a debatable issue though.
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oh ok i will think about but still any way if you read j3j54 what i said to her is the same with you
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Both Love and friendship are important in today society, but if you have to choose between the both I would opt for friendship instead.  Why brake up a friendship because of a boy.  you could always find another boy to like or if they decided that they are for each other and he decided to be with you and she does not mind then go for it.  But please keep the friendship for now.
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I think friendship is more important,if they are true friends, love is a two way street you have to love yourself before you can love someone else,If you are a friendly person you can make friends, Put no one except God before yourself,the kind of person you are,those are the kind of people you will you will gravitate to and they will gravitate to you as well. Peace
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Well I think that is the same love and friendship. All my friends I can say I love so yes friendship is very important to me . I love my friends.
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Both are important, but I believe you have to have friendship first in order to have love.
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thanks for your answer i do not think people have answer my question yet so i am going to wait still
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I hope so because without friendships you would be very lonely.
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You may like your friends boyfriend, but actually acting on that is not being a very good friend at I suggest you think long and hard about what you would be doing.
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It is like asking which eye do you like both are equally important. But friendship comes first.
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Friend ship is important more than love. Because friend is always with us in any difficult movement.
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Both r very important but a bf may not be there wth u a couple   of years down the road whereas real friends are

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