How Do I Get A Girl To Be My Girlfriend?


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First, make sure its HER you want, don't go forcing yourself into anything. Definitely don't try to act tough and show off, it will def not work. If your friends with some of her friends, you might want to try asking them what she thinks about you..... Or get some of your friends to hint to her that you like her. Don't get to shy, be friendly around her and don't be afraid because if she likes you to she'll be wondering why your not talking to her.
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I'm a girl. I'm 12 just like you. I need a bf. People have been sendin me notes bout how pretty my hair is, how sexy my figure is, and how sexy my fatigue is. Trust me, I've gone throguh about five guys in a month. I only went out with them because I thought that when they commented me, they were sweet and cute and hunk quote material. I was wrong all they wanted to do was see me strip and lay ontop of them. Gross! I wanted a boyfriend who cared about my feelings instead of my breasts. So if your totally into this girl, just email her a poem or talk to her with yourself, not mr.hunk. I'm a girl, I would know!
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hi I'm 13 I'm a boy, I think what you said is so true most boys do think that my name is david if you have aim my sn is xmassxmassacrex.
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First of all you need to like a her and she needs to like you. Well one way to get her to like you or to show her that you like her is to be extra nice to her. Smile at her a lot and don't be shy tosay hi when you see her. Be sweet to maybe write her a poem get interested in things she likes and talk about them to her. Make her feel like good. Be charming to her and get to know her friends. And Maybe just maybe she will like you back. Take this from a girl.
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Send her secret admirer notes & flowers and see how she responds, then eventually tell her its you.
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Don't send her notes.She might think you are joking.(Trust me I'm a girl).Tell her how you feel in a non cheesy way.Ask her and if she says no and you don't die find a new interest.
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Just approach her and tell her nicely how you feel. Let her know how you feel, tell her that when you first lay eyes on her you were like in the heavens above the skies. And that an angel has lost her way, and that you were there to comfort her. If you act like a gentleman then the lady will be polite to you. Don't be a fool and act like some kind of macho and try to impress her. You will definitely get the "talk to the hand". Well I wish you luck.....
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A time proven method which has a better chance of success is to pick out a young women with strong & long hair, ever so carefully strike her over the head with a club...once unconscious on the ground...gather her long hair together and drag her to your house. It works everytime!
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Just go straight away to her and tell her what you feel about her..tell positive things only..not negative ones..she'll surely accept you..
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What you need to do, get to know her. Become her friend. DO NOT RUSH IN TO ANY THING! She will probly brake up with you. And yes, I'm speeking frome expeince. And I'm 13

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