How Do I Ask A Girl 2 Years Older Then Me Out?


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Age doesn't matter if you really like her and she likes you...
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Yummyyogaa: Of course age difference matters - especially when you have adults "going out" with children - as is almost the case here. One would have to ask WHY a young boy "likes" an older woman and whether it is a healthy relationship for both parties. Actions have consequences and too many young people are being taught that it is always someone else's fault that their life sucks. The reality is we are the sum of our choices so you'd better think and make them wisely. The boy is too young.
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Age dosent matter what really matters is if you both love each other i have a 16 year old gf and im 13 wereboth in love very much dont get sexctual if your a teen though remember that
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Well, first, consider these points:
*do you like her?
*do you think you could love her?
*does she like you? (know for sure!)
* is she the kind of person who would be harsh in rejecting you or would she be nice about it?
*do you really want to or a friends making you do it.

Also, try hanging around her a bit, age shouldn't matter but you should be comfortable with who your with. So get to know her, if you don't.
If your already friends with her and she does things like: Looks at you allot, pouts or bites her lips when she's near you, laugh at your jokes, hug you or touch your arm or stuff, send you xoxo's if you text her, then she probably already likes you.
Just be calm and confront her hen you are both alone and say something casual like: Hey do want to go some time? If she's nice shell probably say something like: Yer sure, I'll give it a go. If she's mean or teases you, then she's not worth it!! Hope I could help
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Just ask her a be nice
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Dude I've been there. Usually, older girls take time, hang out a lot but don't be annoying, give them space or they'll lose interest , you don't need to be dating for that first kiss just take it slow
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"Girl who is 2 years older than me, want to go to the movies?" It's really very simple. Go for it!!
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I would say that a woman three years older than you is too much at your age.  You won't even like the same music probably and what would you talk about?  She is about to enter real life and you are about to enter high school.  She is looking for a college to go to, if she is progressive, and you are years from that.
I have to wonder what your attraction is to her and figure it is sexual in nature.  While that may seem like a big score for you, I can't imagine her feeling the same - unless she is a total loser.  Grow up a year at a time and find women your age to impress.  You'll be 17 soon enough.  Good luck.
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Right now that does seem like a pretty significant age difference - I probably wouldn't go for someone three years younger than me right now, and I'm almost 18 myself. Why don't you look around for someone a bit closer to where you are (in age and maturity)? If you really like her, then maybe its worth considering, but it doesn't seem likely that she would be into it... Good luck anyway :)
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Sorry everyone I forgot to add that shes just turned 17 so shes 3 years older and she looks like a goth

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