Is It A Problem That My Boyfriend Is Ten Years Older Than Me?


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People may think that it's inappropriate but just don't listen to them. As long as you're in love and understand each other, then your age shouldn't be a problem.
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The age doesn't make any difference I think , it is a matter of understanding between you and your boy friend.
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To be honest, if you are in love with each other and you are treated with respect and care then age, and the difference between ages does not matter.

You will find that some forty year olds act like they are twenty and some fifteen year olds act as if they were thirty! This is all to do with maturity, life experience, personal confidence and exposure to different situations.

There are complications which you should be aware of. For example, if you are young, by which I mean under the age of eighteen, then there are some significant problems with having such an older partner.

Their intentions can and will be questioned. They could, depending on your age and country of residence, be subject to criminal charges if you enter into a sexual relationship. And at that age, you just don't need to be. Life experience will teach you this.

Always think carefully before entering into a relationship. If this is a problem for you now, I doubt it will ever leave you.
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It really does depend on how old you are. There can be many barriers if you are 18 and he is 28. As you get older the age difference doesn't matter so much because you've had time to grow and you will more likely have things in common because you are older. Be cautious of an older man wanting a relationship with you if you are still in your late teens or early 20's. There could be some control issues there and it may show that he is not as mature as you would need in a relationship. Every man is different and at a different stage of maturity and knowledge. Be careful
Don't get me wrong. There are relationships that have worked where one or the other is significantly older. My grandparents were 10 years apart but they were older when they met.
Take your time and think it through.
The fact that you're asking this question makes me think that he may be too old for you at this time in your life.
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If you are a minor it is a major problem. KEEP HIM AWAY if you are.he is only pretending to love you so that he could steal away your innocence and please himself then leave you. PLS just trust me on that.

If you are both adults then just make sure you use proper judgement.
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Because you asked this question, I am inclined to think that it matters to you.  If let us say you are 50 years old and your boyfriend is 60, it doesn't matter at all.  If you are 16 and your boyfriend is 26, it would be significant because your focus is still in school while his focus is already at work.  And as mentioned in another answer, there is potential criminal liability for your boyfriend because at 16, your brain is not yet fully developed and your judgment is not yet that stable.  Let us say you are 30 and he is 40.  Ten years later, he would already like to retire while you are just at the pinnacle of your career.
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Uhm\'s al little disturbing but if yu love him thn it shldnt matter. Bc age is Jux a number.!

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