Is it ok to date a guy who is 10 years older than you? (I'm 19 and he is 29


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John Haygood answered
Yeah have fun with that
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Its ok, what matter is what both of you feel on each other
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Jessi Hall answered
Age is just a number, its about how you and he feels. What is right for you guys. Start making you two happy not anyone else.
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Anonymous commented
She forgot to mention she has never actually met this guy in person. That Changes EVERYTHING!
Jessi Hall
Jessi Hall commented
Well sometimes things happen for a reason, meeting someone will determine if they want to be together, if not than dont. Right?
kacey higgerson
kacey higgerson commented
I met him today with my friend
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Staci Milner answered
I am 25 with a great man age 44  who cold not be more perfect for me! He is more understanding and more calm then men my age. Experience is a wonderful thing!
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Staci Milner
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Needed to add that 10 yrs is not that big of a difference . There are many couples who have been together for decades that are also 10yrs apart. I have to disagree with some of the other comments. I have been with my HUSBAND now for 4 yrs. We met when i was only 22. I never thought i would stay in any relationship but here i am! Give it a try, you may be like me and have EVERYTHING in common with this man , if not then move on.
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As long as he makes you happy nothing else matters and no ones opinions should even be a dark cloud over your blooming relationship.
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Daisy Rodgers answered
Age is just a number, if you guys get along and have things in common than go for it
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Lisa Waters answered
As long as you both like each other it doesn't matter what age! Hope everyting works out for you :)
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Sivchour Sun answered

If the both of you are fine with it, then it's pretty alright. If there's objections from families of both parties, try to work it out someway but never give it up unless it's not working ways. Love knows no boundaries! Give it a go!

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Arthur Wright answered
This is entirely up to you here as you both are adults but you may not have anything in common with him and that could play apart later on but youll neer know til you try, but age isnt all that big a deal here
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Eunice Kwarteng answered
Well i don't know about where you live, but at where i live, it's illegal  and you can't date anyone who is more than 3 years older than you are regardless if your parents agree. The person can go to jail
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Maria Not Telling
Thats true that only applies to people under 18 after 18 its 100% legal theres nothing ur parents can do
Arthur Wright
Arthur Wright commented
In most countries there are no laws actually governing the age requirement but age can play a part if something illegal happens
kacey higgerson
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I live in the us
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Salsa Piccante answered
Dating an older guy is ok but you're just a 19 yr old.Just starting life and personally I find it a bit embarrassing in your situation to go after a 29yr.

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