Do Friends Kiss As A Sign Of Friendship?


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If friends kiss and its two different genders they are only friends but want to be more
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Yes indeed. A kiss on each cheek, be it with a man or woman, indicates pleasure on seeing them, fondness and trust but it is for friends only.  We reserve the shaking of hands for people we have just met, which might later, on more familiarity with that person, graduate to a 'bise'.  Also we retain the handshake as an indication of recognition but without taking the relationship further.  Both methods of greeting are acceptable.
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Sometimes for friend ship. Other times when the boy wants some action.
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On the cheeks, sometimes, yeah. But not total lip lock.
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Yes Kisses depend on your own choice but, most of the times, kiss is allowed in modern families and it is taken as a sign of friendship.
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Kissing is usually known as a sign of sex and later as a sign of good relations. Kissing of different people sounds and reflects different passions. Suppose kissing of a mother with her children, kissing of father with his children, kissing of brother with her sister on her forehead, kissing of husband with his wife and kissing of a lover with his beloved all have different meanings and different intentions. So far your question that does friends kiss each other as a sign of friendship can be explained in the following terms.
Usually you have noticed and seen that when two fast friends see each other after a long time, they usually embrace each other, exchange greetings with each other and some time they kiss each other on the neck, shoulder or forehead. Kissing of friends with each other is entirely different from other kissing because it has totally different meanings and intentions. So to some extent we can easily say that friends kiss each other as a sign of friendship as well as a sign of true love with each other.
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It all depends on essentially the type of kiss and the location of the kiss.
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I think everyone can kiss her/his friends...But it have to also remember that this kiss what do say?

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