What Does It Mean When A Woman Wants More Affection From A Guy, Yet She Doesn't Want A Relationship From The Guy?


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Women are difficult to understand. She demands more affection because she wants it. A woman always needs attention and affection more than a man does. She is reluctant to start another relationship because of two reasons;
1: Her recent devastating relationship
2: Her lack of confidence in your feelings
She is asking for more affection, because this way, she would have a reason to accept you as her new partner. So if you really have true feelings for her, you should try to win her confidence. You never know, she might agree to be your girl if you become more caring and loving to her.
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Elizabeth D. answered
Rayoflight is right. She is scared because of her last bad relationship so she's trying to find good reasons to accept a new relationship with you. If you love her and would like a relationship with this girl. Show her that you can be loving and better than her last boyfriend. She'll eventually realize that it's okay to let go of the past and start having a new one with you.
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When A Woman Wants More Affection From A Guy, it means she has a bit of insecure feeling. Her guy needs to take care of her and give lot of love & affection to her.
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If your gf sits on your its affection, she expects your to get wood so she can see you love her and show her affection back

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