How can you find true love? I mostly wonder of when or how will I find true love. In what situation or age, where and how! Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions?


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If I remember right, you are pretty young to be thinking about real true love. Take it from an older adult, it takes a long time to find the right one that you'll love and be compatible with. After two bad marriages that I thought I was in love, I finally learned my lessons the hard way. I met a real lady a while back and really did finally find out all about true love. She's a wonderful woman and I've finally found my true love. Don't rush into anything as your heart will finally tell you when it's really true love.

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Lard Ass
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Aww....I've found my true love too! <3
Nice Girl
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Thank you so much! And I know there's nothing to rush in love! And I only do things that my heart tells me are right! And after living with people for a certain time I can judge them very well! I'm sure my natural abilities will help me into it!
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You're only 13 you got a long time ahead of you. Love isn't something to be rushed.

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Nice Girl
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I know that I was just asking to see if I can find anything new! And there is nothing to be rushed in love is there?
Izzy SouthernGirl
Nope love is something that is precious and should be treated in the right way.
Nice Girl
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Yes I know that! And I'm not that kind of person who can say to anyone that I love you! I know what's love!
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If there was a tried and tested way to find true love, then there would be a lot less lonely people in the world!

The reality is that true love is not that easy to find, but I'll share some useful advice about it:

How to look for love

It seems that in many cases the old cliches are true, and you find love in the most unlikely of places- and when you least expect it! Some of the happiest couples I know met in the supermarket or on the bus, so I can absolutely vouch for that!

Given this, it doesn't always pay to "look" for love, although in this day and age, it seems that people are less patient than they used to be, hence the rise in popularity of internet dating. It's not for everyone, many prefer face-to-face interaction, but for some people, it is the ideal way to get to know someone before going on the almost-always-awkward first date.

Whatever your approach, there is always one constant- you can't force it. So be patient, and open-minded, and I'm sure the right person will come along.

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Time passed and I wonder how you are doing. I do hope you have already found true love. In case you haven't, don't worry, you are young and have enough time for that. I met my soulmate online. I wasn't interested in serious relationships, so I checked QuickFlirt (there are many people who want to have fun there). So, I met a guy, we had a date and liked each other at once. Later we became a pair. Maybe you can also find it this way. I can suggest checking the quickflirt reviews that can help to find out other people's experiences.

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