where do you find love?


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Megan goodgirl answered

I guess when you meet someone. It never happen to me.

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Karl Sagan answered

You will be surprised, but I found my love through a Dating site. I decided to just try, but my communication with the girl was very successful. Single guys of course dream of very beautiful girls. I think, what you will be interested to read the news about the most gorgeous and hot girls on this site.

Kathleen Griffin Profile

I don't think that there can be some place to find love. Love is not a thing to find. Love finds you! But of course you should do something, create some relationship and so on. I recently read good blog about top 5 places for introverts to find love, I will share a link for you

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Hanna Whilson answered

You never know where your love is. You can run into it one day. Of course, you can always use dating sites and apps. Thus your chances are a lot better. I can suggest starting with this source. My friend used it and met his wife there. Good luck!

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Kira Smart answered

When it comes to finding love, you can just wait or look for it. If you choose the second way, my advice is to use dating sites and apps as today people prefer meeting their partners online because of the lack of time. From my own experience, I can suggest checking live random video chat on But it has to be noted, this dating app also allows to use it as other popular apps for ordinary communication like Viber, Skype, Telegram, etc. So, you can use it both for dating and talks with your friends. In my opinion, it is convenient.

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