What Does A True Friendship Include? Is There Any Relationship Called True Friendship?


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samia sattar answered
It means that you have trust in some friend and you believe them, for example childhood friends. It also includes that you are there for them in bad times and good times. That's what you call friendship.
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In my opinion there will be no such nonsense as true friendship. True friendship needs some madness...For eg: If one person is in a highly dangerous situation & if (s)he has got any "true friend" (s)he needs to lost even their life only to get the former friend out of that dangerous situation & I think there are rarely such mad persons existing...who will get into trouble with high enthusiasm.!

My argument may seem harsh.....but there is some soft side also....For eg: Take Mother Theresa....She is the only true friend world has found till now...But I won't dare to address her mad b'caz she did not got into risk only for a trivial cause of one human....She did the service for entire suffering people in the world....!
So in my opinion that is true friendship!
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suman kumar answered
Yes, there exists a relationship called true friendship. Because a true friend will always be there to support, even if you are in crisis, or problems.
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yes there is such thing, but very select few and usually found inside of the family
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Yes it exists. You know true friends never get seperated from even if there's any disaster. They support you and help you in every way they can whereas some people just pretend to be friends for some specific reason and just walks away if you are in trouble.

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