What Is The True Reason For Distrust In Relationships?


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Must be hard to live in your state of mind with your husband. Sounds like you have no concrete reason for your suspicions so first work on you. Don't go looking for trouble. Just because you are suspect any little thing that is out of the Norm will make you blow it up big time.
It is good to have feelings, and I am not suggesting you never listen to your heart, but don't make your days less enjoyable for yourself because of unfounded reasons. If you should find for sure that something is going on, take care of it at that time. There are a lot of single women out there who would love a good man, so while you should be cautious, don't go over board. Remember even people who have had to divorce and split up their families have survived and many have found happiness again, so either way, keep control of YOU.  Best wishes
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The fact that he has never raised his voice to you and treats you with dignity may, as much as that is a very good thing, be the reason for your distrust. The saying 'Too good to be true' can be held in many contexts, and I think to some extent this is one of them; because he treats you so well your subconscious builds up paranoia about what he must be doing that is wrong in order to balance/counteract that which is good. Fear can lead to suspicion, cynicism, distrust and doubt; Maybe you are afraid of getting hurt, afraid of loss, and so that part of your subconscious is needlessly poisoning your mind with this negativity as a premature simulation of what you might feel if he were to hurt you. In other words: Your mnd is potentially needlessly preparing itself for the worst.

The fact that you are feeling this could even be a good thing, primarily; you haven't felt such fear about other boyfriends because you care for him most perhaps. However it can lead to complications, so try to focus upon the positives, rather than scrutinising for things that could go wrong. Seize the day, amigo, live for the present. This could just be a phase that will pass and make the relationship even stronger for having passed it. Good luck! =)
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Sounds quite absurd..You look at him as a gentleman.. You are with him for over 4 years and he has never raised his voice against you, and still there is this question of trust on him in you!! Well lets look at it this way.. Put yourself in to his shoes and look at yourself and figure out how he grew trust on you.. Was that because you has something special in you or is it because he was able to find some thing special in you that made him to trust you.. Figure out the answer for the question and there you are!! :)
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It is because you don't want to lose what you got so you can't trust I do it too

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