How Do You Get Your Best Guy Friend To Stop Liking You As More Than Just Friends?


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joan saviour answered
Bite his ear off , that will stop him
Tony Newcastle Profile
Tony Newcastle answered
Just steal his girlfriend, and you'll soon find the relationship cools....
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Dee answered
There's no easy way around that one unfortunately. You need to tell him straight up how you feel. Not too harsh with him, but make him understand. Yes, it will be awkward for a little while. But not forever. But it's the only way.
Do more things with that person that you would do with a boyfriend if it doesent work out don't mess with it cause that can end the friendship very quick
Jazzmin Virgosweetness Profile
I don't know I asked a similar question a while ago and haven't gotten an answer. Tell him how you feel and go from there. Also make sure you want to take that step and make sure you will still be friends if it doesn't work out.
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Bambii answered
Ok, so I'm having the same kinda problem with 3 of my mates :/ ... And they all addmite it, but I don't like any of them, and I know what there all after .... Does anyone here think they can help with that?

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