How To Stop Liking A Boy?


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Do you know what ordinary people do to follow this?
Simple....They'll start search of negative points in that person & one fine morning they'll have enough negative points to hate that person...But this is against human values...wrong technique...
My suggestion:
-> Sit in dim light
-> Think that you have the most powerful mind in the world (& you had that)
-> Now think for a while that physically there may be something impossible to you but psychologically nothing is impossible to you.
-> Now think about the person you want to forget & once again remember the reason why do you want to forget him/her (self-check not to do any mistake)
-> If you feel satisfied with the reason, just say to your 'super-mind' that forget him/her
-> Be in hat thought that you will do this & feel that you r already doing this with your super-mind
-> Before coming out of this process once warn yourself that you r not a person with ordinary mind but you have super-mind, so whenever you face that candidate you will not treat him/her specially but just like everyone
If you r successful in doing this you have attained the highest stage in human psychology where "mind controls heart"...99% of people have their "heart controlling mind"....but you have reversed it...
So All the best....go ahead
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Hmmm tell your friend to just try to get him off her mind, avoid him, and soon the love will die....or do what I did....find a dif guy!
In my case the guy I got over this kid with, looks a lot like him! But this guy actually likes me bak =)
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Best way to get over someone is to find somebody else. Also, it would help if she didn't see him or talk to him. She should avoid him as much as possible. The more she sees him, the harder it will be to get over him.
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Oh my god I have the same problem with an older boy. If you really want to get over him, think about what you want that he doesn't have (or in some cases, what he does have). Write down a list on a piece of paper stating all of his bad quallities (you can be EXTRA hard on him to get down some more words). Then make a list of what you really want in a guy. Compare the lists. How attracted to him are you now that you see everything he does so wrong? Not much right? Most people will say "oh just hang out with your girlfriends, it always works!" that's not true. It's a proven fact that if your friends know who you like, then they'll encourage your liking to turn into an obsession. My final advise: Flirting doesn't always have to be a serious thing . . . . . . You can just experiment and not consider everything to be a major step forward. Hope this helps!
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If he would talk to me, tell me he is married or has a gf, would probably work. Part of me feels he wants to drive my heart insane, which is working. If I expressed to this guy I like him, but he did not respond at all. What does that mean, when he ignores me altogether? The fact he is avoiding me, makes me feel like we are playing a game, it is turning me on...but making me feel like I am crazy, too. This guy is top of the line in my world. I cannot think of anything negative to stop liking him. No one else can compare. How do I stop wanting him to be with me?
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Well I am going to assume you have/had feelings for this boy. Time will only heal open wounds. Try making yourself available to other men. I am not saying to go out and be a whore. Just live your life to the fullest. You don't need someone to take up your time that was mean or hurtful to you.
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I wish I had the answer to this question. I'm not sure you can get over someone you have feelings for. From my experience you just have to live your life trying as hard as you can to be happy (I know this is easier said than done) but I think (hope) eventually you will move on and if not you'll learn to live with it better. :)
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Well, don't focus on that one guy so much. Like, don't invest your whole heart in him, if you know that he wil never like you back then just save yourself from a big heartache.  But I agree that once you start liking its hard to stop yourself from going back to normal.. All you can do is not fall any deeper in emotions.
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Umm how about not getting over him have him as a crush always means you have someone to think about but don't get caught up over him look for someone else and you can still always like the guy but if your with someone else and as you get older you will find the feelings will eventually fizzle out my secondary crush was a guy I had know from I was a baby and I developed a crush on him in my first year at high school it was never going to happen between us and even now I fancy him but in a wow he's hot  but wow look at my boyfriend hes even better sorta way so enjoy having crushes :)
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I have this problem write now
my big like major thing to do to avoid it is to don't do anything that remindes you of him and remember that there is someone else out there he isn't everything. Remember your friends and family will help. It if funny that I say this stuff and I am the one that looked on this site for help.
So be with your friends and forget about him, live life by the full, enjoy every moment.
I hope I helped
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Don't look at , listen to , play games that reminds you about him/her
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Try to write " I do not like brendan" (instead of brendan put your crushes name.)
Write that 100 timeS
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Don't think about him concentrate on other things in your life and find somebody else
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What do you do if you cant get him out your head though
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Find other things to keep you busy and he will get out of your head
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By focusing your mind on something else. It is not easy but it will happen. People go through this everywhere. Out of sight out of mind
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It doesn't matter, if you don't want the whole school in this, if you really really like him, you don't always have to show it, maybe he doesn't really like his gf at the moment, sooner or later he may not like his gf, and you'll get a chance..... Everything will be fine in the end, don't worry. Just go with the flow~!
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Why would you want to do that?

If you like someone, then just like them!
If you already like someone Maybe one day you will like one of them only
If you have a relationship already well, think, which one do you like better, make a decision or just leave it for now, everything will come out well... Hope this helps!...
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You can not trust someone and still like things about them. You just have to be, smart. No single person is pure evil. You also don't want to "force", because you usually get what you are resisting. Admire something if you don't want it to persist.

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