How to make a boy like you spell?


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Leanne Mitchell answered

of all, there is no spell that will make a boy like you, If there was
I would be married to Channing Tatum right now.

only way you will get a boy to like you is by talking to him and
getting to know him better. I know this is not easy at first, but
once you try it you will realise it is not that bad.

you may think of him as some sort of perfect angel from heaven, he is
just a boy, who is probably as nervous as you. Find a common ground
to talk about at first, bands you both like, programmes you watch or
activities you take part in...

keep in mind you can't make a boy like you, it is a natural thing and
can't be forced. You must make sure that you are being yourself,
don't pretend to be someone you are not just to get him to like you.

are perfect as you are because you are you! If after chatting he
doesn't like you, well then he isn't worth your time.

him and make new friends who will recognise how much fun you are.

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