Will A Guy Ignore You If He Likes You?


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Unfortunately, some guys do tend to ignore you when they like you. Most of them don’t, though!

Why Would A Guy Ignore Me If He Likes Me?
There are several reasons why a guy might ignore you if he likes you. The first is because he’s trying to play it cool – it’s like the male equivalent of a girl playing hard-to-get.

Most girls just get frustrated when a guy ignores them, but for some reason, there are a few boys who think it makes them seem interesting and mysterious.

The second reason why a guy might ignore you is because he’s with his friends, and he doesn’t want them to tease him about his feelings for you. It’s a shame that some boys think it’s embarrassing to like a girl, but luckily, they tend to grow out of this phase!

The third reason a guy might ignore a girl that he has feelings for is because he simply doesn’t know how to act around her.

This could be because he’s shy, or because he’s inexperienced with girls, or because he feels intimidated by you. If a guy doesn’t know what to say to a girl, and is scared of saying something wrong, it’s tempting for him to just say nothing at all!

How Can I Get A Guy To Stop Ignoring Me?
There’s no sure-fire way of doing this, but if you show him that you’re interested, he might feel safer approaching you. He’ll worry less about you rejecting him if he knows you like him too!
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Generally, a guy will not ignore you if he likes you. But some guys are different. Some guys ignore you when they are around their friends.

If they are only doing this around their friends, then he probably likes you. If he is doing it all the time, then he probably doesn't like you, or else he would talk to you.

But maybe you could ask a question here on Blurtit about what to do to get a guy to like you. They have very good advice for those questions :)

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