I really like this guy. We have a connection and we get each other. I want to be with him but I can't date and he's my bff's ex. What do I do?


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Cookie Roma answered

If you're actually a friend, you don't do anything. 

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Well, if you can't date ... You can't date.  That's all there is to it, at this point.  So you just remain friends until you CAN date.  Then you ask him out.

It doesn't matter if he is your bff's ex ... EX means your bff has no say in his relationships, anymore.

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Sophia Tortilla
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yes okay. i understand that. is there anything i can do to maybe convince my parents that im responsible enough. That's true. I guess so. I liked him before they started dating and i guess you are right. i just dont wanna hurt her.
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Be thankfull you are on the same planet.

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