My bff and I like the same guy but he wants to become friends with me. I always thought he was into me as he is always staring at me every time we meet. I don't want my bff to think I took her crush away but I also like him.What should I do?


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Cookie Roma Profile
Cookie Roma answered

If this person is really your BFF you don't do anything.  Guys will come and go.  So your decision here isn't if you should be with this guy but rather what kind of friend you want to be. 

Sophia Tortilla Profile
Sophia Tortilla answered

Same with me, but they're dating. And the thing is, he's an amazing person. I'm not just saying this because i like him, but he's a sweet person. He likes us both so I'm not really sure how to handle it. I suggest just looking aat the whole picture and seeing if its really worth it

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