Is it normal for girls to get attracted to older men?


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Maria Rups answered
Yes, it is. In relationship matters, boys do not mature as fast as girls. Here on Blurtit, you may read numerous questions like "I want to kiss my boyfriend but he's afraid of it". Therefore, girls tend to "use" older partners as love teachers and they are attracted as well by the higher self confidence and status of older men. However, relationships between people who differ considerably in age may be unequal - the older one having more experience, freedom and a stronger will than the younger and therefore, the younger one might be at a serious disadvantage from the very beginning.
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Yes it definatley is
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Yes, it happens all the time...thats how alot of these men get in trouble tho, bc they like having a young girl find them attractive...dont know how old u are, but make sure ur old enough to pursue this attraction
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Of course.... All my celebrity crushes have been guys waay older than me lol :P my dad for example, is 9 years older than my stepmum.

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