Is it normal for a girl to masturbate?


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Lard Ass answered

There is nothing wrong with it, and not something to be ashamed of.  It's perfectly normal and healthy.

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Raven Mouse answered

It's normal, just don't do it too much. Also depends on your age, like a nine year old shouldn't really be masturbating.  Teenagers are known to masturbate a lot, 60%, and adults as well, 80%.  Have fun ;)

Maria Amos Profile
Maria Amos answered

'Norma'l is relative, depends with what tickles your fancy. .

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Lynn Blakeman answered

It is normal for a girl to enjoy touching her body if she is old enough to do that. There is nothing wrong with it and it is a good way to get to know your body and learn what feels good to you. We are all different and enjoy different things.

I really don't think it matters how often you do it, as long as it continues to be a pleasurable experience. You could make it part of a pamper night - have a nice bath, apply some soothing lotion and then enjoy exploring your body.

It is however, something that the older generation tend to have a problem with, some feel that no one should do it. However, in reality most people do, or have done this.

If it feels good, what is the problem? No one needs to know unless you choose to tell them ;-)

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