Is It Okay For A Preteen Girl To Masturbates?


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Yes it is perfectly okay. That girl just wants to satisfy her sexual pleasure.Its noting to worry about.
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Shanon Collins answered
Yes it is perfectly fine for a person at any age so long as they feel they are ready. It relieves the drive that humans naturally have, so in a sense it is a good thing.
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vanessa Angel answered
First of all you need to find out if shes doing anything else. At this age you need to be involve. There is nothing wrong with it, shes getting to know her own body. But she likes what she feels, so when she has a boyfriend it might feel right. So be involve, which means be a friend. You can't be to strict. It just pushes them to go out there and do what there friends are doing. GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS
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Masturbation is just fine!  Masturbating not only gives you self pleasure, it also is a great stress reliever, helps you to relax, helps you sleep better and while you are doing it, you while learn what is most pleasing in what areas so much later on in life when you start to date and want to have sexual pleasure from someone else you will be able to teach that person just how you like to be touched.  Enjoy yourself!

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