Do You Like Men With Beards?


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It depends on the face cuts and looks of the men. Some look good and some don't. But in general the girls are scared by the long beards. I think short ones are fine , look manly.
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Robyn Rothman answered
A short, well-trimmed beard can look very good. Long, scraggly beards are ugly and suggests sense of carelessness about a man's grooming.
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I don't really like men who have breads but again it also depends on the person's personality.
helen baillie-gutteridge Profile
If it suits the man's face, then a beard is fine. What I don't like are those tiny little bits some men leave under their lip, that just looks like they have some pickle on their chin, or those really thin lines of hair along the jawline.
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A mans beard is an ornament kind of like a rooster's tail. If you can grow one that is thick and full and can grow long then you should grow it! I bet girls will look, they may not like it but they will look and hey one might find out she likes it! You never know.
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Depends each women likes different things some like hair others don't!

But I do think that most women prefer men without a beard, I know I do
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Duh a long beard does not bring about a sense of carelessness, nor are they ugly. When I look at an image of Saint Nicholas I don't think oh that guys ugly or he is one ungroomed man.  A woman will never understand what its like to have a beard... What it means to have one. They bring more of an image of wisdom and authority. (Example) Look at what the average wizard looks like.
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It depends on the guys facial structure...and it needs to be well groomed....we don't like a will lie nelson do...LOL
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My late had a nice well trimmed beard and he was handsome
depends on the man
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Pat Humbert answered
As long as its short and clean. I love the character "House" on TV I think he's cool beard or no!
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Well to me men with beard r so not..except George clooney......well as I was saying men with look much older ..but I don't like them with beard

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