Will He Come Back To Me?


3 Answers

Heather Wilhite Profile
Heather Wilhite answered
Well I have always heard if you love someone than let them go and if they come back then it was ment to be...but nothing says that you have to be miserably while waiting I would explore my options then if it is ment to be he will come back trust me I have been through the same thing...when me and my husband was dationg I let him go and 2 years later he came back he tryed before that but I wasn't ready to be in a steady relationship because I got hurt by him before so I say just give it time
inessa tondel Profile
inessa tondel answered
If you hurt his feelings he might be mad at you but if he really loves you he should come back. Of course it might take some time. He might start dating some other girl but then dump her for you=)
Aisha Profile
Aisha answered
That depends on the mutual feelings for both of you. If he loves you the same way as you do, then he might come. But if he has find someone else and is satisfied, then I am afraid he might not be your match.

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