Will My Soulmate Come Back To Me, After Almost Two Months Of Taking Space From Me?


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No one is a real psychic here, I doubt.  NO one really knows.  If it is meant to be it will happen but when and if that is up to God.  If he needed the space then you should respect that no matter how hard it is.  In the mean while keep busy, working, go out with friends and family.  Meet new people.  In case he is not your soul mate, you need to get out there, and maybe your real soul mate will find you.  Or vice versa.  Like I said if it is meant to be it will happen if its not then it wont.  You can't push things or change someones mind it will just scare them off more.  I know that is hard like I said.  But go out and have fun and stay busy.  If he sees that maybe he will rethink things.
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Yes if that person is your soul mate, but if not then there is someone out there better and they just might be your soul mate.

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