Does A Newborn Baby Identify His Mother?


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Many people believe that newborn babies recognise their mothers from birth, but this is primarily due to voice recognition.  It usually takes a few weeks for a baby to use visual recognition. 

At the beginning, a baby's vision is blurry and he can only see things a foot away - which is usually the distance between the baby's eyes and the mother's during feeding.

It isn't until the age of three months that a baby can recognise his mother's face even if her hair is styled differently or covered, so - until this age - a baby can be easily confused by somebody wearing a similar neck scarf or with a similar hairstyle to his mother's.

Does a Newborn Identify his Mother?
At three-months' old, a baby will identify his mother from a photograph and will know who his mother is, even if she isn't nearby.

Often, once a baby reaches six-months' old, he will become wary of strangers and will seek reassurance from a friendly face.
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Yes, a baby can identify his mom. During the nine months of gestation, a baby not only grows, but also learns to recognise the sounds of voices like his mother's - and when born will feel comfort in the sound of it. Babies also remember their mom's heartbeat.

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