What Does It Mean If A Newborn Baby Sticks His Tongue Out Constantly?


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There are many reasons babies stick out their tongues; they could be rooting, imitating what they see or practicing control over their new body by investigating what is going on in the air. Some research indicates that it is simply a primitive reflex and will go away as the child reaches three or four months old. Babies are naturally inquisitive and love to explore, especially in their early infancy. The habit should subside when your child is ready to move on to eating solid foods.

Another possibility that you can examine is the age old problem of rooting. A rooting reflex is an instinctive reflex in new born infants that causing them to turn their head to the side when their cheek is stroked. This reflex helps infants learn how to eat as well, as how to suckle the mother's breast. Other reflexes include a suck reflex; when the roof of the baby's mouth is touched, the baby will begin to suck accordingly. This reflex does not begin to develop until about week thirty two of pregnancy and is not fully developed until about 36 weeks.

Premature babies may have a weak or immature sucking ability as a result of this. Babies also have a hand-to-mouth reflex that goes with rooting and sucking and may suck on fingers or hands for a short period of time but again this is normal.
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My nephew is 3 dayls old he is keeping is tongue all the time out , also his eyes are swollen and his ears are a bit wierd is it possible that he has down syndrome
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Sounds like he going to be a basketball player.(you know michael jordan). I don't know if it is a sign of/or effect of downs syndrome..it doesn't sound like it.. But I am not a doctor  so I would ask a doctor...or you can try the mao clinic website...
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Usually a pointy tongue is a sing of small brain bleedings at birth in the center of the brain. In most children these small spots retract themselves by the age of 1. Very few are the kind that rather enlarge themselves. They can be seen with an ultrasound on the head opening or with an eeg.
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Wow. :)  No worry here. We all have taste buds and reflexs. Think of a snake. They taste and feel with their tongue. Reflexes are what all babies do. Because a week old's eyesight is not developed, your nephew senses the world with other senses. Right now it is his tongue. Also, as he gets older, he will mimic you in your facial mouth actions. If you open and shut your mouth, he will copy it. It is all a part of growth.

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