Why Does My Newborn Baby Keep Sticking His Tongue Out?


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Why Does My Newborn Stick his Tongue Out?

Newborn babies stick their tongues out for many reasons.  It can mean something different depending on the situation.

Before and During Feeding
If your newborn sticks his tongue out during feeding it could mean that he's had enough to eat. However, a newborn sticking his tongue out before feeding could indicate that he is hungry.

You will learn to recognise the way your baby communicates with you as you and he get used to each other.

Babies love to imitate their parents and will mirror their facial expressions, and will often initiate these games and stick their tongue out first. Playing these games is an excellent way to connect with your newborn.

Babies can imitate:

  • smiles
  • frowns
  • pouts   
Experts believe that this act of imitation helps babies develop empathy later in life.

Other Times
Newborns sticking their tongues out, generally, doesn't mean that there is anything wrong.  If you are concerned, though, then there is no harm in consulting a doctor. 

If a newborn baby drools and has difficulty with eating and is sticking out his tongue then this could indicate an oral-motor disorder.
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