Would it be wrong to talk to someone (romantically) just becoz you need love? will it do too much psychological damage to the person doing it?


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Getting romantically involved just because you need love never ends well. You need to find away to live yourself first, then share that love with others. I know it is hard to do. Been there, done that. Trust me on this. Once you get right with yourself, everything else falls on line. You will not attract as many losers, because they fear strong people.

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how do i love myself? will it stop me wanting to be loved?
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You learn to love yourself by embracing your strengths and working on things you want to change. For example, why are you looking online? Are you too shy to meet people face to face? If so, start building your confidence up by joining a class or club in something you are interested in. You will meet new people who already have one thing in common with you. You can work on building your confidence and make new friends.
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I am not being facetious here but... If you need to feel loved so badly that you would risk getting another person involved knowing it might hurt them then... Wouldn't a pet dog or cat be better. They need love and will love back. You keep speaking "romantically" but I don't think that's what it is you are deep down seeking. I think your need for feeling loved goes beyond another person. They won't be able to fix you.

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I would only talk to someone romantic if i knew whom they are and i would need to talk for quite sometime with them. I feel that KiK messenger is the safest . It allows one to pick a username and we don't always need to give out our real name . I would use names as Goldie Rush , Bettie White , Bruce Michael just to name the few. I never had problems using KiK . If someone creepy comes on there i just block them but i never had that issue. As far as using emails i recommend Gmail , Outlook cause they give you chance to report phishing emails these are scammers , spammers , I would not recommend clicking on links cause there could be pictures that carry virus, malware etc .

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You're Welcome Nice Girl :)
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i guess you're right, very few people r lucky enough to find working relations online especially romantic ones, which are extremely hard to find....
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In real life i been to Partial Hospitalization Programs and the Staff have always told us never meet anyone there cause you can meet someone with worst problems than what we have but i took the risk and had 2 bad relationships from them programs and it didn't last . I believe we can meet love anywhere but the idea is will it last and will things be for real just risk taking .
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No. It might give the notion of you being foot loose?

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Working romantic relationships online are like four-leaf clovers---they exist, but not worth the required time and effort to find. (the chance of finding a single four-leaf clover is about one in 10,000)

You asked above in one of your comments, "How do I love myself?"

I think this short article may be of significant value to you. It has a few very good suggestions


(And please ignore my above comment to Yin---I for some reason thought this was a question posted anonymously,)

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