Is Leaving Everyone Behind And Moving On In Life Alone All By Yourself A Good Decision?


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Now you know my answer, I know that you will find someone. You can't give up on one, that isn't all there is in life for you. She is going to knock you for a loop when you meet her. I know she will.
You will find that you will be so willing to do anything that she wants, and you will love doing it. Lol Just kidding around with you there on that last sentence dear. Sure you can go through life without someone. But, in the long run, you will have people in your life, whether or not you realize that to happen.
People inherently need people. It's our nature to need one another. Even a hermit will visit a town once in a while.
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You are not leaving family and friends, a job you enjoy over a person are you? I do not know the complete story here, so you need to talk to someone who knows you and go from there. Sending good blessing your way.
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Please stay put.  How very, very sad you sound, it is miserable suffering such
heartache.  The good news is that your pain is temporary.  When folks
are house-hunting and they don't get the house they want, a better one
comes on the market, and before they know it, they've moved in.  When a
person doesn't get the job they want more than any other job, they are
soon offered a better one, one that can lead to even better things down
the road than their supposed "dream job" ever would have.  When love
doesn't work out with the one person we want to be with, it's because
there is someone else waiting in the wings... That's the way life
works.  It hurts for awhile, but when your new love arrives you will be
grateful that you weren't with ole' what'shername who didn't appreciate
you as you deserve to be loved and appreciated.
Bottom line:  Someone else is running the show and He's very, very good at what He does.  Feel better and worry not.
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Yup...that's totally normal. If what surrounds you is negative, then you have to separate yourself from that person or environment or both. If its' not for you, then its against you. So go ahead and get a good job, pay your bills on time, go to school, do what you have to do - but don't sell yourself. Your too precious. Try to join a church where people can pray for you and you will find peace of mind. Stay away from knuckleheads.  God Bless you...
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Yes, there the ones who brought you to this type of thinking. Leave them with respect , ( that leaves the door open, if you decide in time, otherwise. ) Go out and spread your wings.

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