I'm in love with a girl who claims she loves me, but doesn't want commitment. Says she just wants to be friends but gets annoyed if I talk to other girls, she doesn't want to be with me but doesn't want anyone else too'. What should I do?


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Lard Ass answered

Move on with your life. People who are afraid of commitment, will waste your time. Find someone who reciprocates your feelings and isn't "afraid" of them.

I'mheretohelpyou Faith Profile

If you love her then don't talk to other girls, who knows.. She could be testing you to prove if you're worth her time.

Give it some time, but don't wait too long, okay? You have your life ahead of you. 

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Kk polly answered

Tell her if she doesn't ask you out herself within a set number of days you're moving on.

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