My wife told me my 15 year old was seeing a boy. My son isn't gay I think he's doing it because he can't get a girlfriend how to confront him I don't want him to got to hell?


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if you havent figured out how to have a talk with your child after 15 years im afraid none of us can help you

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15 year olds are still discovering who they are and what they want in life.  I wouldn't put too much stock into what he's doing at this point.  I would be very careful about confronting him about this though.  Unless he's getting into trouble ... Let him discover life for himself.

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How about having an actual conversation and not a confrontation. And if your son is gay, he is not going to hell, anymore than you are. If you are going to tell me the in Leviticus it clearly says man should not lay with another man as he does a woman (18:23) let me remind you of some of the other things you are not suppose to do. You are not to mix fibers. (19:19) How many cotton/polyester shirts do you own? Or you are not to eat shellfish. (11:9-12) So you have never had shrimp or lobster? Or clams or oysters? Oh and when did you last shave or get a haircut? According to Leviticus 19:27 that is a no-no. You are not suppose to eat pork either. (11:7-8) So that bacon or ham you have been eating? Sorry, but that to is a bad thing.

Now if you want to read the new testament, Jesus does not say anything about homosexuality being a sin. (Or any of the other things listed.) He does say that you are to love and accept everyone though. So maybe you should go with that instead.

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I'm thinking you perhaps are not only completely out of touch with reality but out of touch with    your son .. Someone who, to you, should be one of the closest and most precious people on this entire globe. I'm thinking you really have no idea whether or not he is gay. At this point he probably doesn't either. More than likely he may feel conflicted because of his age and just realizing who he is as an individual AND because of you and your belief .. Or should I say the principals you cherry pick from a biblical origin. IF in fact, he truly is gay, denial will certainly not make it just go away. 

At a time like this I would like to remind you that God teaches us many things .. And love, forgiveness, acceptance, and even tolerance are only a few.  If you really want to understand what is going on in your own son's life , then talk to him .. Stop judging .. THAT is not up to you to do .. . Leave  judgement up to God. 

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You start by realizing that what's going on with your son (like everyone, including you) is between him and GOD.  When we are given children, it's our job to love them.

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You talk to him.

Dating someone is not a sin; it's just natural human curiosity.  Anyway, wasn't Virgin Mary younger than that when she had Jesus?  The same goes for being gay.  Even if he is, sexuality is not something you can help.  You're either born like that or you're not.  You can see same-sex love throughout history.  I found this website:

It has some examples of gay and lesbian relationships in the Bible.

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