Does My Girlfriend Still Have Feelings For Her Ex Boyfriend?


5 Answers

Bailey Zuniga Profile
Bailey Zuniga answered
Really if he dumped her she will prob have feelings for him deep inside or feelings that she will prob never let go but if you find out don't go breaking her heart just because you are not on her mind shes with you if she really loved him that bad she would dump you and try to get him back just don't worry about that and think how lucky you are to have her
John Profile
John answered
And the short answer is yes,she still has feelings for him .whether they are good or bad is up to her.
greg gowen Profile
greg gowen answered
Is love a light switch? Do you still feel for any of your exes? Be happy she has feelings and that the one shes feeling now is you.
anurag30 Chandrakar Profile
Feelings never die.yes she has feelings for his boyfriend.if she has a feelings than what is the cannot restrict the feelings of your friend.

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