Letting Go Of My Girlfriend... How Can I Get Over?


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I salute you for your unselfish sacrifice. It is rare that we find a man who can put his own wants aside, and really look at the Big picture. Doing what is best for your girlfriend is an act of nobility. You want what is best for her and will make her happier. You have thus demonstrated your worthiness to have a fine woman, and a Happy relationship. I believe God will bless you. Continue on with your present life, and enjoy your friends, you never know when someone new will come into your life. Don't dwell on what you have lost, but on the things that you have. You are one special guy, and other women will see that. Hang in there with faith that you will have a good life, with a good woman. May you be blessed beyond your capability to comprehend, what good things are in store for your future.
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Letting a girl walk out of your life may be very difficult at times,most especially when you have that true love for her.So I really feel for you and I understand what you're going through.All you need to do is just stop calling her,stop thinking about her and stop dreaming of how you two will meet again.Then,go on with your life and things will be fine.Good luck!!!
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It sounds like you and your girlfriend have a very strong bond. And maybe you guys have been together for an extended period of time. Just by the way that you talk about her. And you probably have that strong bond because you have been through a lot of tough things together and come out on the other end barely bruised. There is probably still pain but you still love each other and are strong enough to keep going....these kinds of relationships can be the hardest ones to live through but they are definitely the best ones, or should I say the true ones...you just have to stop thinking about her all the time. I know that it is hard but try not to think of her smiling face, or the things you did together, the places you went, the things you said to each other to make each other laugh, the inside jokes...the way her hand feels in yours when you are walking just because it is there...and now there is nothing. I know this because me and my boyfriend of 3 years recently broke up...not because we didnt love each other anymore but because we thought it be the best move for the better of our futures as individuals and as a couple. My best advice to you would be try changing your daily routine to being without her. Try taking her out of your 'every'; thought...I know that is hard...but not impossible...seems that way though. But never lose hope. Just don't have it in the front of your mind all the time. It can be there just not focused on constantly or else you might drive yourself crazy with thoughts. Try to move on with your life but don't lose hope. I'm sure that that is what she wants you to do and what she is trying to do herself. I hope this isn't just a bunch of babbling to you and actually helps you. Good luck! Write back if you want.
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Yes, it will be hard.  Keep yourself busy, go out with friends.  Get a new hobby or just do things you like to do.  It will be very hard.  Maybe stay fiends with her and keep in touch.  Don't try and go find a new girlfriend right away, just make friends.  If you let her go, and expect to meet up with her later in life, it don't always work like that.  Most likely the girl or you will move on or both.  It will be too late.  So think about what you are doing before you do it.  Good luck, it will be hard but you can do it.
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The only thing that can help you get over her is time. But also, just because you guys are broken up, it doesn't mean that you guys can't keep in touch. If you haven't already, you two should have a conversation talking about your feelings -- to have proper closure. And if you two still have feelings for each other, then perhaps you can make a promise or agreement that you guys will wait for each other, but at the same time, be open-minded to the idea of seeing other people, just in case someone else comes along in either of your lives.
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My girlfriend and I have been together for about nine months.  She is 20, I am 28.  She moved from Ohio to Florida to stay with her aunt and uncle and to "get away" from things for a few months.  We met soon after she came to FL and I'm the reason why she stayed.  Now, she misses her family and friends and wants to go to school.  She has a car payment and a few other light bills that she has to work for.  When we first met I felt like she could be my soul mate. Even though I feel she could go to school in FL part time and work part time - just enough to pay for what she needs - and we could make it work, I don't want things to be too hard for her.
I feel love can get through a lot.  I was married and I'm now divorced.  I know when I have something good.  To me, my girlfriend is perfect; how could I possibly just let her go when I know things would be okay for us if she stayed and went to school and worked.
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I am about to do the same thing.. Shes moving to arizona to follow a softball dream... She wants to try it and I do as well... What can I say man. Your cool for being able to set side your want bro. I can not do that... I love my girl and I will chase her till the end man.  I guess until she can not take it.  Be strong man. You may think no one knows what your going through but in reality we all do it man...
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Dude same thing man. Dating a girl and we were crazy. Just minor miscommunications like every long distance. I wanted to do what you are doing and she wouldn't let me...now she is doing it because its too hard. We are both hoping for the future but we know that for a year we can't think about it and whatever is in God's plan usually happens. Good luck your not the only guy going through it. My gf is gone for a straight year. Really tough stuff
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Just let her know you still love her but it's getting a little hard on you and her at the time and what a while and see how you two can be together again some how....good luck....
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I have a girl I love and really want her but do I give up and move on or go after her. I have tried dating other girls but none are like her what do I do. Plus I see her everyday and she may hate me

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