How do I show that my girlfriend is more important to me than my friends?


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Okay its great that you wanna show your love for your girl but here is the thing you also can't forget about your friends. Sometimes you can get a little attached and you start to forget the people around you who love you as well. 

You don't wanna push those people away. You may never be able to find people like them again. They are a gift from God. My brother has been with his fiance for two years even when they were just boy friend and girlfriend they didn't just spend all of that time to them selves they also made sure they had time for their family and friends and it continues til this day.

Like I said its great you wanna show that kinda affection to your girl but also remember to make time for your friends and family as well.

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blurg bleep answered

It's not that I don't have balance and that we don't have time for our friends etc, It is just that I care about her a lot more than my friends and I have done and said some stupid things being with my friends and her. 

She understands I need time for my friends but I don't care about them as much as I do her, I just would like to show her that but I don't know how

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