What Are The Signs That My Female Friend Wants To Be More Than Just Friends?


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When you're friends with a girl, it can be difficult to tell if she's interested in taking the relationship further.

In my experience, guys tend to read too much into the slightest bit of female attention.

On the other hand, girls can be pretty difficult to read at times.

To make things simpler, here's a list of things to look out for:

5 signs that she wants to be more than 'just friends'
1. How she dresses when she's around you- This is the number one give-away that she's interested in you. A girl who 'likes' you will always want to look good in front of you.

Does she:
  • Dress differently around you?
  • Wear more make-up when she's with you?
  • Makes an effort to do her hair, especially when you're about?
2.  Jealousy- Is another key indicator that something is going on. If she gets upset or snappy when you spend time with other girls, then this could be her natural possessiveness kicking in. If she treats other girls who show you attention as if they were her love rivals, then she's probably got the hots for you!

3. She remembers random things that you say- When you're chatting casually with friends, you might not remember every small detail of everything they say and do. But when a girl likes you, the things you say and do are more memorable to her.

4. She goes out of her way to do things for you- A girl who fancies you will always want to see you happy. If it seems as if your friend is constantly doing things to get in your good books, this might be a clue that she's falling for you!

5. What she tells her friends about you- Is a HUGE giveaway. Girls might be good at keeping secrets from guys, but there's nothing they like to do more than to gossip with their friends. If you want to know for sure whether a girl likes you, forget about asking her - and just ask her best friends instead!

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If she stares at you more than before.
If she texts/calls/e-mails you many times a day, then this can be a sign.
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If there's what's called 'chemistry' between you.
If you really like each other, then you will both have positive responses.

From there, the relationship can become a bit more serious. I hope it does for you!

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