im slower than everyone else. but i love it. i was wondering why i can't make friends with alot of the people i see whereever i go? my dad used to always say "you need to be friends with just the people that are like you".


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Matt Radiance answered

You have to accept yourself the way you are.

Everyone has different personalities and traits so this is how you are and you need to live with it cause it's not about good or bad simply it's just the way you are. You don't have to be friend with everyone or make friends anywhere you go, but if you see you have a problem with your socializing and you're unhappy then you need to slowly take new steps forward and improve your socialization and communication skills.

Your father's quote has some points to make but it's not 100 % stable. It needs consideration. First of all nobody can't be like you, you're yourself  and others are others, we have no person on this earth to be like "Each other" without no differences. Then,for making a good friendship whether short term,long term, normal friends, close friends, best friends any type! Some mutual points and interests, outlooks, ideas and personalities would be necessary but it's not a must. We can see people having a successful relationship while they have so many varied believes and beliefs. And own different shapes and activities and status.

The key of a successful relation by any kind is the "Mutual respect" and "Mutual communication" also "Mutual understanding". When people respect each other, communicate well and understand or at least try to understand each other and (respect) the opposition. The relation can be stable and nice.

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I'm also slow so I know what your saying. The thing in life is yes we have to accept ourselves for who we are. Your a special person and I'm sure you are smart and nice so I hope this answer has helped you my dear friend.

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Rich, I think you've made some friends right here! Your friends don't need to be "like you" or "like me"......we are all just people! That being said, be proud of who you are, we like you just the way you are!

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While I think your dad isn't exactly truthful in saying you need to make friends with just people like you, I do see what he is trying to do. Even if you aren't slow you can't make friends with everyone, and frankly you don't really want to. I have had friends who didn't like each other, and they seemed to think I needed to chose between them. (My choice was, and still is, not to be friends with anyone who thinks they have a right to ask me that. My life-my choice.)

My advice is be kind to everyone, and then when thinking do click with someone else, then make friends. Some will be like you and some won't.

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