My Husband Went Down On Me For The First Time He Told Me He Could Not Find What He Was Looking For Then After While He Stop Then Lay By Me And Told Me He Don't Want To Do That Again What Should I Do? : (


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Tell him if he ever resurfaces before having pleased you again you're going to feed his balls to the neighbors dog. 


Leave him for a knowledgeable lesbian.  She'll treat you right... Or at least give you good head. 


The amount of rug you have down there equates directly to the amount of enjoyment for both parties.  My advice, if you still have hair there, shave or wax. 

But seriously, Shave.  Waxing hurts like a bitch... I've been told...
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If " he don't want to do that again " then you are between a rock and a hard place. You can't force the guy to do what he doesn't enjoy. You won't enjoy it either if he doesn't.


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Lol What did he think he was looking for???
Your situations not funny but what he said is.
I think you should talk about it. Casually ask him what he didn't like.
If he really doesn't want to do it then don't force him. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if he forced you to do something you didn't like.
Keep experimenting with different things. I'm sure you'll eventually come across something that you both enjoy doing
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Proof positive that you SHOULD have sex before marriage.
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Well most men don't like that which is normal it must feel weird to him he just not use to it
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Well, ask him what did he found wrong? Were you not freshened and the smell ticked him off? The most important aspect for such activity is cleanness; of body and clothing if worn. Try his favorite fragrance or add some tasties like dripping honey and then lick it off. May be he is not into it. Then sit down with him and talk it out. If this activity is important to you, let him him know. Make a deal if your relations are frank and important to each other that if you don't do this to me, I will not perform similar activity upon you etc.Still, unless its discussed with him, this problem is not likely to be resolved.I hope this helps you in some way.

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