What Makes A Husband Tell Is Wife He Is Having An Affair?


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I believe the answer to your question can be one of two things...possibly a combination of both.

#1. As was mentioned before: He is consumed with guilt and wants to ease his conscience. He doesn't particularly care it if it hurts his wife, he just wants to ease his own burden. Otherwise, he would quit the affair and carry the load of self-loathing and evil doing alone...not hit his wife over the head with it by destroying her self-confidence & ego, and her love for him and often the marriage. Which brings us to #2.

#2. He wants a divorce and is too cowardly to ask for one. He is in hopes that by confessing, the wife will instigate the divorce.

Could be one - could be both. Or the third reason may apply, he is truly repentant and has realized how much he does love the wife and wishes to be up front and brutally honest with her. It is up to the wife to decide which reason fits the circumstances best.
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I vote this to be the best answer and most rational and logical. All are good though.
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Quilt trip maybe? Why would you want to have an affair if you are married anyway? If you were going to fool around with other women , you should not have married one person, you should have stayed single.
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Well I think if your having an affair you should tell her... You shouldnt wait till she finds out because trust me some pretty bad things could happen to you if she kept it a secret that she found out... So you I would tell her asap..... Anyways can you honestly tell me what makes a man have an affair on his wife because I need to know for when I get married so I can try avoiding my hubby having an affair.
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...just wondering if you got that answer. I'd like to know it, too... Like there could be a legitimate mature reason? Don't think so. (Plus, I glanced at your profile and it says you're married)
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Probably too guilty a conscience to live with
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If a husband tell his wife, he is having an affair it telling the wife that he happy with the other women.
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The fact of the matter is that the only person who can answer the question truthfully is the husband. We can give many opinions and suggestions but at the end of the day two parties must communicate even if that means that the wife must ask some of the hardest questions. The main question will always be why. Why would you cheat and betray me? Why would you cheat period? People have different reasons why they do things, this does not make the reasoning justified but they still have their explanations and one must listen and ask the cheating husband to answer the question of why with honesty and truth. We are all imperfect and must rationalize why we would even consider hurting another precious soul. So my answer is that only the cheating husband can answer your question.

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