Im into a relationship with a married man for 2yrs now. When the wife knew it she dumps him but he still doesnt want to end his marriage and he dont want me to let go either. What will i do? Were so in love.


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You're in love with him, he's still in love with his wife. He only has lust for you, not love.

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As the brilliant Maya Angelou said:  When someone tells you who they are, believe them.  Also, I can't help but wonder what has happened in your life that makes you so little of yourself.

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He is using the both of you. So far the only one in this triangle with a sound path to Reason . . is the wife.

Just so you fully understand . . Even if he was to leave his wife and marry you . . There is a clear distinct PATTERN of this behavior from this man. You will become that wife whom he will cheat on . . Down the road.

Sadly, you are mostly likely reading this and thinking you are different, and he wouldn't do this to you . . . Continue down this path at your own detriment.

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OK If you believe others who have years and years of life experience know what they are talking about I would suggest you cut  off  all contact with the individual immediately.  Nothing good will come of the situation regardless how long he drags it on.

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You and he feel about each other the same way he and his wife felt about each other when they got married.

Why do you think he will treat you differently than he did her if you stay together and even eventually marry?

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