A Question For Women, What Color And Style Of Panties Do You Like To See Men Wear?


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Baby pink or hot pink
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ken essex
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Would love to find the style of panties i like in hot pink or bright yellow
mek nic
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Hot pink is what my wife just loves me to wear and if i resist she takes my clothes when i show and leaves a dry wash cloth and the pink pantys with the blace lace.there french high cut. So theres just enough to keep me at attention. Just look at them gets me up. Then the feel of them and then to late there on. If shes sleeping she wont be for long!!!!!
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I like my husband in white sheer high leg panties, the ones I buy for him are made by ultimo and have a nice hih line to them. I keep him waxed from his neck down, my beautician does him when she comes round for my own treatments, he was very embarassed the first time but then he wasn't expecting to be caught tied to the bed naked wearing ladies panties. I have several photos of him before and after so I can soon get him to undress with the threat of telling his mates about his panty secret. I have bought him some crutch less panties which he wears when I think he needs to be punished, he doesnt like these as they don't hold him in and his man rubs in his trousers. I like him in girlie panties as they always show whats for supper!
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Lee Jay
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Good for you and I bet your husband enjoys it too. You sound like my wife and what she does to me. Yes I also have a couple pair of crotchless panties that she insists I wear every once in a while ...
Sillymathur Mathur
Again lucky men
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my wife loves it too. she also likes pink nylon I now wear them 24/7 all differant colors and styles.
she has my legs smooth and gave me paantyhose to wear wow what a wonderrrr fullll feeling
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Panties?? Well in all honesty boxers of any kind usually or nothing at all... I don't know how a guy could stand it all tightly wrapped...
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Well if U find the right size and style,they fit just fine!!
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But Ryanna if you wear boxers or boxers the twins have no support and and hang.
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I think bikini cut is perfect color should be pink or black with lace trim and a bra to match
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My husband wears panties and we both enjoy satin panties the best. We wear satin thongs, satin bikini and satin string bikini. Our favorite panties are satin string bikini panties, but they are getting harder and harder to find now days, luckily we have a medium size supply of them in his size and my size and we are close in sizing so if we have to we can borrow from each other. I enjoy seeing my husband wearing satin bikini panties or satin string bikini panties, I love how they fit him, and how they cling to his male parts, I just cannot help but want to caress both his front and backside when I see him wearing satin bikini panties or satin string bikini panties. As far as color I enjoy seeing him wearing bright colored panties, seeing my husband wearing pink panties being my favorite, just something about the color pink against his manly body. As mentioned I like seeing my husband wearing bright colored panties, red panties, purple panties, green panties, blue panties, yellow panties, neon colors like hot pink panties, the colors that really show up when you walk into a room and from a distance. Its also exciting knowing that hes wearing bright colored panties when we are out in public like at the mall or a store and if he bends down his bright colored panties will be visible and I will probably not be the only one that notices his panties, its fun and exciting and I enjoy that my husband wears panties. Check out our profile for more about us, we love meeting others into wearing panties.

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I enjoy satin panties in bright colors.  I also like to wear thigh high nylons in black,  They make my legs look great.

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