Should Men Wear Satin Slips And Nylons Wigs And Lip Stick And Silk Dresses And Satin Blouses?


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I don't see why not. As long as your happy. They might have a few questions for you at the weekly poker game though.
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The satin slips and silk dresses are fine, but really, you should invest in a human hair wig. Those nylon things are just so tacky and fake looking. People will talk.
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Lynne Dwyer
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Yeah.....that's all they're gonna talk about. The wig. I'm sure it will really stand out. Lollllll
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Only "if"( I repeat only if) it was because of a lost bet for a really really worthy charity. Like to end cancer,ending world hunger,stopping all future wars and "if "I was not the losing party.
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Absolutely, and get their girl friends to do so too. There is  nothing sexier than sex in satin!
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Gee Whiz, have'nt they been doing this exact thing for years in San Francisco.
Also, I believe that this mode of dress is very popular in some areas of Portland, Or. And New York City, not to mention Hollywood, Ca.

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