Do Other Men Wear Suspenders And Stockings And Why?


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If you do then I'm sure others do lol
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Not only do they wear suspenders and Stockings but they also wear panties to match. As far as why? It is because it feels good or they are a cd.
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Lee Jay answered
I do.  I love the look and feel of my legs, especially freshly shaved or waxed, with stockings ... And of course to hold them up I wear suspenders/garter belt.  When I am wearing them with shorts I have had a number of women complement me on my legs.
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There are other men who love to wear stockings and suspenders.

I prefer a classic girdle. The stockings fit better and I love the tightness of the girdle and how it helps to improve my posture. Nothing comes close to the feeling of fine stockings on freshly shaven legs.

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