Why Do Men Get Aroused By Wearing Petticoats?


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The are a number of reasons why a man might get aroused whilst wearing a petticoat, but I'd divide them into two distinct categories:

  • psychological
  • physical
The physical appeal of petticoats.
A petticoat is usually made of lace, a very sensuous fabric. The way it caresses the skin (especially if you're not wearing anything underneath) can provoke irrepressible feelings.

Without going into too much anatomical detail, the shape of a flowing petticoat, and the physical stimulation that wearing one provides might be the most straight-forward answer to this question.

The psychology of men who love wearing petticoats.
Certain men love wearing petticoats. It really is as simple as that. The reasons for this will vary from man to man, however.

Some men like the 'antiquated' look of a petticoat, and the air of sophistication that a fluffy petticoat has is undeniably erotic.

Petticoats are also common in various forms of role-play. You only need to think about all the sexual scenarios that petticoat-clad French women of the 18th century may have found themselves in to begin imagining what kind of role-play might be centered around a petticoat.

Finally, a petticoat is an undeniably feminine garment, which will appeal to a broad range of men, including cross-dressers, transsexuals, straight men who enjoy humiliation (sissies), or homosexuals for use in fantasy role-play.

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