What Shouldn't You Wear At A Funeral?


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Traditionally it was thought appropriate to wear black formal attire at funerals, befitting the sombre and solemn affair that it is. Generally women wore black dresses or outfits with hats and men wore black suits with ties.

However, nowadays there no longer remains a strict dress code for funerals, although some apparent decorum should still be followed. In some cultural contexts, people are expected not to wear red or any other bright coloured clothes as they depict happiness at a time of sadness. If not black, one should try and wear quiet subtle colours which are not eye catching, my guess is most pastels would do.

However the bottom line is that, you can wear whatever you want in the line of decorum, it is only important to the people in mourning to see that you care enough to come and give your respects.
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Well these days you can what you want as long as it looks right and is not to nasty looking .But some people wear black.
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Black and white colors that are a kind of respectability to the funeral. We should show our respect and tribute on the decorum,avoiding the colorful clothes.

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A Narwhal costume.

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