What To Say At Your Fathers Funeral?


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Say how you will miss him and what a good father he was to you, tell the good things about him, what you like about him and how he made you and your family very happy. Just talk about him.
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By now the funeral is probably over, so you've solved your own dilemma. I think the best things I've heard at funerals are personal stories about the person who died. The religious talk is rarely memorable, but personal stories always get to the mourners. If you have some funny or kind stories about your dad, you could tell those. 
Frankly, I admire you for wanting to get up and speak. I've never been able to speak at a funeral. I get too choked up. But I've seen people cry while giving their talks, and it just adds to the sense of loss. Hope you got through it okay. It's tough.

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